Old water mains being replaced


Old water mains being replaced

Irish Water outline works to tackle leaks across Louth supplies

Works along Hill Street by Irish Water to overhaul ageing water network
Works along Hill Street by Irish Water to overhaul ageing water network

A major overhaul of the ageing water network is getting underway across Louth, the Argus learned.

Irish Water, in partnership with Louth County Council, confirmed they are ‘rolling out a programme of works to replace ageing water mains prone to frequent bursts in a number of locations across the county.’

Grainne Carey, from Irish Water’s Leakage Reduction Programme explained that ‘once complete the benefits of the project for local communities will include a more reliable water supply for all customers.’

‘This means reduced leakage on the network and improved water quality. Operational and maintenance costs will also be reduced as the network operation will require less maintenance.

It is part of a four year programme, aimed at reducing the level of leakage across the country by fixing and replacing ageing and leaking water pipes. ‘This will ensure a safe, reliable water supply which is vital for our health, our environment and our growing population and economy.’

Works to replace an aging section of water mains have recently commenced in Hill Street, Dundalk. ‘These works involve the replacement of approximately 150 metres of old cast iron mains which have been causing water quality issues for the community with polyethylene pipes.’

Irish Water also confirmed that the project to replace ‘problematic water mains’ in Chapel Hill and Howeshill, Omeath, is due to commence towards the end of August.

‘The works involve the replacement of approximately 1 km of pipes in Chapel Hill and 600 metres in Howeshill. The existing mains are problematic PVC which are prone to bursts. Existing mains will be replaced with high density polyethylene pipes,’ said Grainne.

‘The works to replace problematic water mains will also involve laying new water service connections from the public water main in the road to the customers’ property boundary and connecting it to the customers’ water supply.’

A programme of lead pipe replacement also continues taking place across Dundalk as part of the Leakage Reduction Programme.

‘Irish Water has planned the works in short sections in order to limit impact on customers. Traffic management may be in place over the course of the works.’

The spokeswoman confirmed that works may involve some ‘short-term water shut offs and the project team will ensure that customers are given a minimum of 48 hours’ notice prior to any planned water shut offs. Local and emergency traffic will be maintained at all times.’

Grainne added ‘The replacement of ageing water mains in a number of locations in County Louth will improve security of supply for local residents and businesses alike. Replacing the existing water mains with new modern pipes will provide a long-term solution to ensure a safe and secure water supply is delivered to customers. Irish Water understands this type of work can be inconvenient and will ensure our work crews make every effort to minimise any disruption these works may cause. We want to thank the communities where the works are taking place for their patience while we deliver these necessary water network improvements.’

Residents and businesses in the areas of the works have been notified and customers can call the Irish Water customer helpline on 1850 278 278 for any questions in relation to the works.

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