She helps out student with fees


It’s no surprise that celebrities like to have their name associated with good causes. It’s good PR, and the more good they do, the more the public loves them. Because of that, they have often being accused of using charity work only to improve their “brand.”

Image: via Instagram

However, this is not always the case. Take Bonang Matheba for instance. The TV personality covertly extended her helping hand to a student who needed money to pay her tuition fees.

The student, Asanda, reached out to her followers on Twitter to help her pay R6 110 for her second semester fees due at the end of July.As this tweet gained increasing traction on the social media platform, with users showing sympathy and support to the student through retweets and replies, Bonang slipped into Asanda’s mentions, unobserved, urging her to send in her details.

In response, a stirred Asanda poured her heart out , revealing that she is “overwhelmed” by the positive responses and contributions.I am overwhelmed with your responses and RTs, i am grateful for your positive contributions. I will keep you posted on the outcome.

— Asanda (@_Genu) July 12, 2016


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